Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

Recovery of Valued Social Roles

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Monday, May 23 / 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Symposia, Workshops, and Skills-Based Training
Social Role Valorization, or SRV, is a set of concepts and theories about the establishment, enhancement, maintenance, and defense of valued social roles for people. Developed by Wolf Wolfensberger decades ago, SRV can help us today to understand the factors that impact a person's integration into the community. This workshop will discuss SRV and its relevance and relationship to the values, goals and practices of Psychiatric Rehabilitation. The presenters will share experiences from an organization that has been using SRV education for over 30 years, and the influence that has had on program and workforce development. Participants will explore methods for using the power of roles to address the challenges faced in achieving true community integration.

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Community Integration, Staff Management & Development


Ellwyn Andres (MA, CPRP}
Director of Professional Development – Keystone Human Services--Mental Health

Paul Snyder (B.A.)
Education Manager – Keystone Human Services--Mental Health

Stacey Lind (MS, CPRP)
Mental Health Professional – Keystone Human Services--Mental Health