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CFRP Recertification

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The CFRP signifies the current competence of the individual to practice psychiatric rehabilitation for children and their families.   The Certification Commission has a mandatory recertification program for CFRP practitioners with requirements for continuing education or re-examination.  A three-year recertification period has been established to ensure CFRP practitioners stay current with emerging knowledge, promising practices and published research evidence related to psychiatric rehabilitation. 

Alternatively, recertification applicants may opt to sit for the CFRP Certification Examination (additional fees apply). Recertification for these applicants will require successful passing of the exam.

This policy outlines the requirements and procedures for recertification of CFRP practitioners. The commission periodically reviews policies and procedures for recertification to ensure that requirements enhance the continued competence of certificants.

Rationale for Recertification Requirements

Psychiatric Rehabilitation is a dynamic field with changes in best practices as evidenced by the wide range of training and professional journal articles related to the field. Practitioners are also subject to changes in laws and regulations affecting the profession that occur during legislative sessions.  The Commission determined that a three (3) year recertification interval is a reasonable period for certified professionals to obtain the required continuing education units.  The three (3) year period is long enough to allow certified professionals the flexibility they need to earn the required continuing education units but short enough to keep certified professionals motivated to engage in education and training.

Recertification Requirements

The CFRP credential is valied for a period of THREE (3) years following successful passing of the exam.  Certificants must meet the requirements for the requirements for recertification following each certification cycle.  Requirements include payment of certification fees, completion a minimum of 45 contact hours of continuing educaiton/training (professional development) of which, 4 contact hours MUST be specific to ethics in the helping professions.  All applicants for recertification must provide signature attesting agreement to uphold the Code of Ethics.  These requirements must be completed every THREE (3) years.

All certificants must complete the minimum number of contact hours of training specific to psychiatric rehabilitation over the three (3) year period immediately preceding the certification expiration date or by re-testing.  A minimum of 50% of the required hours must be earned through completion of approved trainings exclusive of any presentations, publications or any other approved activities (e.g., exam development, item writing).

Recertification is completed successfully passing the CFRP Certification Examination or by reporting continuing education every third year using the Recertification Application with signature stating agreement to uphold the Code of Ethics and payment.

Failure to complete the recertification requirements within the required time allowed results in a lapse of certification. Certificants are notified in writing of their change in status and removal from the public listing of certified practitioners, and directed to cease using the credential and to no longer refer to themselves as certified practitioners.  If a practitioner should persist in identifying him- or herself as certified, legal action may be taken.

Audit of Training Hours

A percertage of three (3) year renewal applicants will be audited.  Audits will be selected from a stratified random sample of geographic areas to ensure that recertification applicants meet the criteria.

Individuals who are selected to be part of the audit will receive a written notice requesting verification of attendance at the training reported in the application.

All applications received after the Suspension Deadline for Renewal will be automatically audited.  Renewal applicants that submit late applications are required to attach verification of attendance for trainings listed in the Recertification Application to satisfy the Audit requirement and avoid further delays in review of the application.

Failure to submit the requested documentation by the designated deadline will result in the application being denied and a lapse in certification.