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Exam Dates & Deadlines for the CPRP

If you are interested in the CPRP credential, mark your calendar with the upcoming exam dates and deadlines.

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In order to be approved to sit for the CPRP Examination you must meet the following:

  • Eligibility requirements for education, work experience, and training, in one of the pathways
  • Provide a signed statement agreeing to abide by the Practitioner Code of Ethics
  • Submit the appropriate application and exam fee: Member: $395; Non-member: $515; Member Retake: $200; Non-member Retake: $300

The CPRP certification examination is offered in two-week testing windows. Candidates are able to select the date and time of their examination at any of the available testing centers during the approved testing window.

Remaining 2017 CPRP EXAM DATES

Exam Period 4: December 2 - December 16
Retake and Late Applications Due By: 10/31/2017


Exam Period 1: March 3 - March 17
Application Deadline Date:  1/19/2018*


Exam Period 2: June 2 - June 16
Application Deadline Date:  4/15/2018*


Exam Period 3: August 25 - September 8
Application Deadline Date: 6/17/2018*



* Applications eligible for the standard application rate of $395.00 USD for members and $515.00 USD for non-members must be purchased by 11:59pm EST on the applications deadline.  Applications received after the standard period will be reviewed for the next available testing opportunity. 

PLEASE NOTE: The certification exam application is only viewable to individuals who have a registered account on the PRA website. Please log in to see the product in the online store. The application may only be purchased by individuals. If you require assistance, please contact PRA.

The CPRP exam application is now PAPERLESS! 

ALL MATERIALS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE. Applicants may upload copies of the official transcript of education, employment verificaiton will occur electronically, and education and training will be reported in the online application. DO NOT MAIL PAPER APPLICATIONS, TRANSCRIPTS OR OTHER FORMS. NO PAPER WILL BE ACCEPTED.