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PRA's webinars provide you and your colleagues with the perfect opportunity to hear from well-respected experts and receive the tools and resources needed to excel as an individual, a team, and a community, while earning continuing education contact hours. Our webinar series feature 90 minute webinars exploring a range of topics and can be purchase individually or as a series.

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The Intersection of Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System - What have we learned?

It is widely known that persons with serious mental illnesses are overrepresented in the criminal justice system in the United States.  This has phenomena has been described as “criminalization” and “transinstitutionalization” and is often considered the result of inadequate training of criminal justice personnel and a woefully under resourced community mental health system.  

Transition Age Youth (TAY) Webinar Series

This webinar series will provide an overview of essential transition age youth (TAY) services. Emerging adulthood is a critical life stage, and TAY with psychiatric disabilities can have significant struggles transitioning to their adult life. This series helps providers develop the capacity to deliver a level of culturally-sensitive support and structure matched to differing levels of need and ability to be self-directed. 

Individual Webinar - Nutraceuticals Supporting Recovery: The Emerging Science

This webinar will present 15 nutraceuticals which are well supported in the literature for use in mental health recovery along with safety and information on use. We will share our experiences as to how the CooperRiis Healing community has successfully incorporated supplements into our integrative health program. 

Ethics in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Webinar Series

This 3-part Ethics in Psychiatric Rehabilitation series will advance advocacy information and agency policy to support public statements. Faculty of the Academy will illustrate advocacy for and with the community of behavioral health to ensure flexibility in service systems options; individual entitlements; all for the encouragement of persons speaking on their own behalf (self-advocacy). Ethical frameworks are also asserted to support the incorporation of values, beliefs, perceptions and cultural competency to achieve personal definitions of recovery and goals.

Emerging Leaders in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Webinar Series

Participate in this series if you are currently a leader in your organization, have been told you should be a leader or for persons for whom leadership is your professional goal. The webinar format is conducive to those persons who desire leadership skills ready for implementation at the end of this four-part series. Webinar faculty will offer strong leadership practices and principles; competencies for mobilizing others toward the organization’s goals; as well as increased outcomes for services and participants.

CPRP Domain-Focused Webinar Series

This 7-part webinar series will feature a 90 minute webinar each month that will cover topics surrounding the seven CPRP performance domains that have been identified through various Role Delineation Studies conducted by PRA.

Best Practices in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Webinar Series

A webinar series based on the all-new second edition of the Best Practices in Psychiatric Rehabilitation (scheduled to be released late February 2014). Featuring four 90-minute webinars led by well-respected experts and authors of the Best Practices book; each webinar will focus on a specific topic from the book.

Health and Wellness in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Series

Dedicated to the health and wellness of persons whom the recovery workforce serves in mental health and substance use services, the Health and Wellness in Psychiatric Rehabilitation webinar series (4 parts) covers the dimensions of the SAMHSA (2013) Pledge for Wellness.

Webinar Information & Details

Continuing Education

Upon successful completion of the webinar, participants will receive a certificate documenting 1.5 contact hours toward the continuing education requirement for the CPRP.

Requirements to participate in a webinar

To participate in a webinar, you need one computer with an internet connection to view visual portion and computer speakers to listen to the audio portion of the program. You may have as many people viewing the webinar from that one location as you like.

Team/Group Viewing and Continuing Education Credits:

If you have a group of individuals that will be viewing the webinar from one site and want to collect continuing education credits for all of those individuals, please contact LaTrese Wallace, Manager of Association Services, at least 24 hours in advance of the live webinar at, to obtain a sign-in sheet for all participants viewing the webinar. In order to receive credit, completed sign-in sheets must be returned to PRA within one week of viewing the live webinar. 

Recent Webinars

If you are unable to attend the live webinar, you can purchase the recorded version. All of the webinars will be made available on-demand, one-week following the live webinar.