Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and Foundation

40th Wellness and Recovery Summit

The 2017 Wellness and Recovery Summit is an investment in yourself, in your career, and in your organization.

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The Gateway to Growing Your Career

"This training is so key and necessary in order to provide the best service possible. By far, the best job related training I've ever attended!"

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Academy for Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Recovery

Whole lifelong career learning in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Wellness, Resiliency & Recovery.

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Growing & Training the RECOVERY Workforce



Several of the PRA/F staff ready to welcome everyone to the 40th Annual Wellness &a Recovery Summit! Atlanta, GA… Tweeted 11 hours 44 min ago

Knowledge Center

From the practical models and samples and tip-rich e-newsletters to more in-depth articles and case studies, the Knowledge Center provides you a range of resources you need to succeed.


About PRA and PRF

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA) and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Foundation (PRF) work in concert together to grow and train the recovery workforce while promoting wellness and recovery.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA) provides and supports programs and activities involving membership, credentialing (including the CPRP, CFRP, and Children's Certificate), component (chapter and affiliate) relations, and Federal/State advocacy activities.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Foundation (PRF), a 501c3 nonprofit, provides training and education activities delivered through the Academy of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery, as well as current and evolving programs and activities including research, grants, and public outreach.

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