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PRA thanks our sponsors, donors and sustaining members for their ongoing investment in our programs, initiatives and mission. The support of sponsors make our events and programs a success for the recovery workforce. Please consider supporting PRA and in return helping to grow and train the recovery workforce.

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PRA offers a customized sponsorship packages for events as well as year-round exposure.


PRA offers training and continuing education opportunities through the Academy of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery, your trusted source of vetted, important information, comprising of programs in the areas of psychiatric rehabilitation, as well as leadership and management. To grow and train the recovery workforce, the Academy provides whole lifelong career learning in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Wellness, Resiliency & Recovery.
The Academy in-person programs, certificate programs, online courses and webinars, are designed for CEOs, senior and mid-level staff, those new to psychiatric rehabilitation, and future leaders – offered at levels to match your knowledge and experience. The Academy faculty are leading experts in psychiatric rehabilitation to ensure the recovery workforce receives quality training and education through a combination of positive learning experiences and exceptional content.
Customized sponsorship opportunities are available for individual programs within the Academy, or an entire educational track, an in-person session or an online session. Contact LaTrese Wallacey, Manager of Association Services for more information on customized proposals and sponsorship at 703.442.2078.

Plan to join us for the 2017 40th Annual Wellness and Recovery Summit in Atlanta, GA

The 2016 Recovery Workforce Summit is presented by PRA and PRF, in partnership with GA-PRA, offers a comprehensive line up of in-depth psychiatric rehabilitation training and enhanced networking opportunities and special events, to provide attendees with the tools they need to help others more effectively. Show your support for and raise your profile with this high-impact, wide-ranging community of professionals.

  • MEET YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE in a location focused around training, learning and network building.
  • EXPAND RELATIONSHIPS with psychiatric rehabilitation community at all levels, in a conference framework designed to attract not just practitioners, but organizational and business management and executives.
  • BENEFIT FROM tailored opportunities, at an array of investment levels, that will help ensure maximum visibility and ongoing benefit.

Interested in sponsoring the 2017 40th Annual Wellness and Recovery Summit? View the Sponsorship Opportunities and contact LaTrese Wallace at to discuss your sponsorship today.