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PRA Approved Provider Program

The PRA Approved Provider Program was launched in 2009 to ensure consistent access to relevant and high-quality continuing education and training to active PRA credential holders, Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners (CPRPs) and Certified Child and Family Resiliency Practitioners (CFRPs), and to current or prospective candidates seeking CPRP or CFRP certification.
Continued professional development through PRA-approved education and training programs is the preferred means through which PRA credential holders maintain and increase their knowledge of best practices and developments in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery.

Contact Hours of Continuing Education in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery (CPRP Credit) and/or Contact Hours of Continuing Education in Child and Family Resiliency and Recovery (CFRP Credit) awarded through the PRA Approved Provider Program may be relied upon by PRA credential holders (or current or prospective candidates for CPRP or CFRP certification) as pre-approved training and education, applicable towards recertification and/or exam application requirements.

Types of Approval

Providers of education and training for psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners may apply for one of two categories of approval:

SEAA: Single Educational Activity Approval (Standalone)

Single Educational Activity Approval (Standalone) applications are appropriate for entities (organizations) seeking pre-approval for one standalone activity within one year. Multi-session activities such as workshops/conferences, as well as recurring/series activities, are considered “standalone;” for these activities, some components (individual workshops/sessions) may not be approved for credit within the program; promotional and program materials must clearly indicate which components will and will not provide attendees with PRA credit(s). Applications must be submitted at least 60 days in advance of the first day of the activity.
Programs are approved for the specific date(s) and format(s) indicated in the application. For on-demand or recurring activities, the program may be presented within a one-year approval period, as indicated in the written notification of approval. An additional application is required for delivery of previously approved activities in formats or for dates outside of the previous approval.
There is no limit to the number of individuals that may be awarded PRA credit(s) for participation in an approved activity, provided participation takes place within the terms of its approval.

AP: Approved Provider (Blanket Approval)

Approved Provider (AP) applications are appropriate for entities seeking blanket approval to provide CPRP and/or CFRP credit(s) over a designated period of approval. APs may provide unlimited activities during their approval period.

Current Approved Providers

APs that have been awarded full AP status maintain their status for three-year approval cycles by adhering to the PRA Standards and Criteria for Continuing Education and remitting annual reports and maintenance fees.

At the end of each approval cycle, Approved Providers must submit a renewal application fee, then complete an application for renewal. Renewal application instructions will be provided to APs in confirmation emails upon submitting the appropriate renewal application fee.

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