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The goal of The Knowledge Center is to provide information and resources to improve the practice of psychiatric rehabilitation. Here you can find newsletters, case studies, practical models, and more.

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The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal (PRJ) is a joint publication of PRA, the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University, and the American Psychological Association (APA). Published quarterly, PRJ is the official professional journal of PRA and features original contributions related to the rehabilitation, psychosocial treatment, and recovery of people with serious mental illnesses. PRJ's target audience includes psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners and researchers, as well as recipients of mental health and rehabilitation services. 

Bookstore: For a plethora of publications that will bring you up-to-speed with the latest in psychiatric rehabilitation, be sure to shop in PRA's Online Store. 


  • The International Newsletter is a joint collaboration with PRA & PSR/PRS Canada, and its joint International Committee comprised of psych rehab professionals from around the globe and features the latest in the psychiatric rehabilitation field with a focus on international issues.
  • Check It Out is published monthly and features the latest in the psychiatric rehabilitation field as well as information about the association. The newsletter also serves as a tool for members to communicate with each other in the Connections Corner, where opinions and best practices are shared
  • Recovery Update features the most recent articles from throughout the field of psychiatric rehabilitation. Stay up to date on all the latest mental health news through this weekly newsletter.

Research: PRA advances knowledge in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery by providing resources that will help the community focus on critical factors to enhance the recovery workforce.

Non-Profit Partner PublicationsNon-Profit Partner Publications provide you further resources and information about the psychiatric rehabilitation field. 

Press Room: PRA members make news and are often sought out as the expert resource for issues in psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery. In the Press Room, you will find our press releases, media advisories, and other PRA and industry news.

Resources: From the practical models and samples and tip-rich e-newsletters to more in-depth articles and case studies, we’ve tried to provide the variety of resources you need to succeed.