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PsyR Connections is no longer active.  Our Recovery Update e-newsletter features the most recent articles from throughout the field of psychiatric rehabilitation. Stay up to date on all the latest mental health news through this weekly newsletter. 

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Below are archived posts from PsyR Connections.

PsyR Connections Articles

The Two Most Frequently Asked Questions About the CPRP Exam Check It Out
The most often asked question of CPRP exam candidates is:  “Why does it take so long to get exam results?”   Read more
Peer Support and Psych Rehab: Perfect Together Check It Out
As someone who was trained originally as a psychologist but who found a philosophical home in psychiatric rehabilitation, I have always been impressed with the degree of openness that our field has shown to the input of folks whom it serves, i.e.,... Read more
Is Supported Employment the Future of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services? Check It Out
It likely comes as no surprise that the age of onset for disabling psychiatric conditions most commonly occurs between the ages of 18 and 24, and employment is likely to be one of the highest priorities.  Young people with mental health conditions... Read more
CASRA News Check It Out
CASRA member agencies represent $600,000,000 of services to youth, adults and older adults serving over 100,000 individuals and families per year. Read more
A Letter from the CEO Check It Out
We hope you will find this brief newsletter informative, useful, and even, at times, inspiring. Read more
Rehabilitation- A New Path to Recovery Check It Out
As the clock struck 8am, the kitchen doors open with the aroma of freshly cooked breakfast. Soon thereafter the residents emerge from their rooms, all well-dressed after their morning showers to have their first meal of the day. Some look... Read more
A Focus On Youth Check It Out
With the advent of the new Child and Family Resiliency Practitioner (CFRP) certification that launched in 2016, We are excited to highlight some of the 2017 training opportunities that will benefit the children and youth workforce specifically. Read more
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Professionals Earn the Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP) Credential PsyR Connections 2016 Issue 3
We are happy to announce the newest class of CPRP's! Read more

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