Certification Exam Dates & Deadlines

If you are interested in either the CPRP or CFRP credential, please read below for information on exam eligibility, dates, and deadlines.

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PRA certification exams are no longer delivered at testing centers – instead, they are delivered via live virtual proctoring, allowing candidates to take the CPRP and CFRP exams 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from the comfort of their own homes (or anywhere with an internet connection).  With this change, pass/fail results are now delivered upon completion of the exam, eliminating the wait for candidates to find out if they passed.

PLEASE NOTE: As of August 26, 2021, PRA is no longer delivering exams through TesTrac, and has moved our application to a new system.  We are working diligently to move unscheduled candidates into the new system.  Please email info@psychrehabassociation.org to confirm your status.

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In order to be approved to sit for a PRA Certification Examination you must:

  • Meet the Academic Preparation, Education & Training, and Work Experience* requirements of your selected Eligibility Pathway
  • Submit the appropriate application and exam fee: 
    • Exam Application Fee: $395 (members) / $515 (nonmembers)** 
    • Retake Fee: $200 (members) / $320 (nonmembers)***
  • Complete the online exam application (access provided via email after submitting the appropriate application/exam fee), documenting your completion of pathway requirements, and committing to abide by the PRA Code of Ethics
  • *New for 2019!  You may now sit for the exam prior to completing work experience requirements.  After passing the exam, your credential will become active once you have met the work experience requirement.

PRA Certification Examinations are offered 365 days per year.  Once a certification exam application has been approved, candidate information will be sent to our test proctor, who will contact candidates directly via email with instructions on how to schedule their examination.  Please allow up to ten (10) business days following approval of your application to receive correspondence from our testing proctor.  If you have not heard from the test proctor after ten (10) business days, please check your spam and junk folders first, then email PRA at certs@psychrehabassociation.org.

Beginning late November, exam results and score reports will be available within 24 hours of completion of the exam.  Candidates have one year from their eligibility approval date to take and pass the exam; the first exam attempt is included in the application fee.  Candidates that do not pass the exam may, after a 30-day waiting period, submit a fee and retake the exam (one attempt per retake fee), so long as the attempt is within their one-year eligibility period.  Once the one-year eligibility period has passed, candidates must re-apply to sit for the exam by submitting a new exam application fee and application.

PLEASE NOTE: PRA no longer sends paper certificates; instead, electronic certificates will be sent to individuals who pass the exam via email.  Those that pass the exam, but have not yet completed work experience requirements, will be sent electronic certificates after they submit documentation of having met the work experience requirement of their eligibility pathway.

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***Need to Retake an Exam (within your one-year eligibility period)? 

Candidates that fail their exam must submit a retake fee ($200 member / $320 nonmember) in order to retake the exam; there is a 30 day wait period in between attempts.  Candidates may only retake the exam during their one-year eligibility period.  Please ensure you select the correct exam when paying the retake fee.

Exam Retake Fees are currently only available with staff assistance.  Please contact PRA at info@psychrehabassociation.org and request to be invoiced for a retake, if you are still within your eligibility window.

PLEASE NOTE: If your eligibility period has passed, you must submit a new application.

About the Exam:

  • The certification exam application is 100% paperless. PRA will discard any mailed, faxed, or emailed documents relating to exam eligibility applications, unless requested by PRA staff or the Commission.  All aspects of your application must be uploaded into your online application. 

Exam Application Instructions:

  • Before beginning an application, the individual seeking certification must create their own individual account on the PRA website.  Once a login has been created, visit to begin your application.  Payment is collected upon submission of the application for review.

​*Please note: There are no longer deadlines for submitting your completed application in time for a specific testing period.  You should be notified via email whether you passed the exam within 24 hours of an exam attempt.

Deadlines, Dates, and Refund Policy:

  • *All deadlines are non-negotiable.  You are highly encouraged to submit your completed application well before your desired testing date, in order to address any reviewer inquiries or requests regarding your application, connectivity issues, date/time availability for the virtual proctor, etc.

    Eligibility Period: Candidates must sit for the exam within one year (365 days) of their application being approved.  Candidates who fail the exam may retake the exam upon submission of a retake fee (one retake fee per additional attempt), until the one-year anniversary of their application approval.  There is a 30-day waiting period between attempts.  Once the eligibility period has passed, candidates must submit a new exam application and fee.  If a candidate does not schedule their exam attempt during their one-year eligibility period, their fees are forfeited, and they must submit a new exam application and fee.
  • **Application fees are non-transferrable.  The Exam Application corresponds to the person intending to take the exam.  Because this fee is collected upon submission of the application, no transfer or refund is available once received, as the application review begins as soon as the application is submitted.

  • ***Application fees are non-refundable.  If you believe you are seeing the nonmember price in error, DO NOT complete your purchase.  Instead, email info@psychrehabassociation.org to verify your member status.

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