Certification Exam Dates & Deadlines

If you are interested in either the CPRP or CFRP credential, mark your calendar with the upcoming exam dates and deadlines. You must purchase access to, then complete and submit, the exam application before the deadline for the exam period in order to sit for the exam during those dates.

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In order to be approved to sit for a PRA Certification Examination you must:

  • Meet eligibility requirements for education, work experience, and training in one of the pathways
  • Submit the appropriate application and exam fee: 
    • Exam Application Fee: $395 (members) / $515 (nonmembers)
    • Retake Fee: $200 (members) / $300 (nonmembers)*
  • Complete the online exam application, documenting your completion of pathway requirements, and signing a commitment to abide by the PRA Code of Ethics

PRA Certification Examinations are offered in two-week exam periods. Once a certification exam application has been submitted, approved candidates are able to schedule the date and time of their examination at any of the available testing centers (during any exam period for which the deadline has not passed).


CPRP Exam Period 1: March 3 - March 17
Application Deadline Date:  1/19/2018*

CPRP and CFRP Exam Period 2: June 2 - June 16
Application Deadline Date:  4/15/2018*

CPRP and CFRP Exam Period 3: August 25 - September 8
Application Deadline Date: 6/17/2018*



  • The certification exam application is 100% paperless. 
  • Before beginning the application, the individual seeking certification must:
    1. Create their own individual account on the PRA website, then login.**
    2. Once logged in, submit payment for the application fee in the PRA online store.***
    3. Once payment is received, follow the instructions in the confirmation email to register on the application site.
  • ​The application deadline for each exam period is for submitting your completed application, not for purchasing the exam application in the PRA store.  You must purchase access to the exam application before beginning your application.
  • ​PRA online store exam application links:
  • Need to purchase a retake (within your one-year eligibility period)?  Click Here
  • *Application deadlines are non-negotiable.  Your application must be complete and submitted by 11:59pm (EST) on the application deadline in order to sit for the exam during that exam period.  Applications received after the deadline may sit for the following exam period.  This deadline is non-negotiable - you are highly encouraged to submit your completed application well before the deadline, in order to address any problems with your application, connectivity issues, etc.

  • **Application fees are non-transferrable.  The user that is logged in when submitting payment for the Exam Application must be the person intending to take the exam. 

  • ***Application fees are non-refundable.  If you believe you are seeing the nonmember price in error, DO NOT complete your purchase.  Instead, email certs@psychrehabassociation.org to verify your member status.