The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association Looks Forward to the Future with New Management

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The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association Looks Forward to the Future with New Management

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Foundation (PRA/F) have partnered with Meaningful Measurement, Inc. (MM) to revitalize the organization and breathe new life into the recovery workforce. Together, PRA/F and MM are kicking off exciting new projects and initiatives that will provide new resources and support to the industry. Meaningful Measurement has overseen test development and psychometric services for PRA's CPRP and CFRP certifications for over a decade. Because of this, they have a deep understanding and appreciation for our field and share our hope and optimism for our organization's future. 

“I am pleased PRA/F is moving toward independent operations with Meaningful Measurement,” said Steve Miccio, Chair of PRA/F Board of Directors. “It is a new era for the organization.”
“We have worked with Donna and her team for years and know they are capable of great things. When it came time for a transition in management, the choice was clear,” said Ron Christensen, PRA Commission Chair. "We can already see great things on the horizon for PRA," he added.

Founded by Donna Surges Tatum, Phd, CAE, CAEd, Meaningful Measurement is an organization dedicated to the principles of scientific inquiry, implementation plans that work, and communication plans that actually communicate. "We are excited to take on this project and bring new energy to PRA/F and to support this industry in bringing recovery and wellness to people who need it," Donna Surges Tatum, Meaningful Measurement.

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association is an IRS-recognized 501c6 nonprofit membership organization for the worldwide recovery workforce, advocating for the field on the Federal and State level here in the US, and certifying professional expertise internationally in psychiatric rehabilitation with the CPRP and/or CFRP credentials. It also provides a local community for those in the workforce through component relations through state chapters and affiliates.

“The world of online education has made major changes over the last few years, and it was time for us to make changes as well,” said Dori Hutchinson, Chair of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Foundation. “We have always been the leader in education for the psych rehab workforce, and now it’s going to get even better.”

The Academy for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery offers online training and education for the psych rehab workforce. The Academy is the educational arm of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Foundation (PRF), an IRS-recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization, with evolving research, grants, and public outreach initiatives. For more information, visit