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Certification Commission for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Established by PRA, the Certification Commission for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is the standard-setting body for PRAs’ credentialing programs.

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The Certification Commission for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is the standard-setting body for PRA’s credentialing programs, providing the governance, coordination, planning, and operation of the certification process as well as promoting the welfare of people in recovery by establishing professional standards for those engaged in providing psychiatric rehabilitation services. The commission works to assist and encourage all persons engaged in the profession of psychiatric rehabilitation to achieve and maintain the highest professional standards.

The Commission has autonomy in decision making related to all essential certification matters, including eligibility standards, and exam development and administration. The Commission consists of no less than eleven (11) and not more than fifteen (15) members at any given time. Commissioners serve a term of four (4) years, and may serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms, or a maximum of ten (10) years. At all time, no less than 2/3 of all Commissioners are CPRPs in good standing. The Commission strives to maintain a diverse membership; ensuring geographic representation of all CPRPs. Commissioners may be recipients of psychiatric rehabilitation services, family members of recipients, those in related helping professions, and Public Mental Health Administrators.

Meet the Certification Commission for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Phil Floyd [Virginia]

Ron Christensen [Iowa]

Ron Christensen [Iowa]

Liz Smithhart, CPRP [Arizona]

Charles Beal, CPRP [Idaho]     
Veronica Carey, CPRP [Pennsylvania]
Heidi Eastman, CPRP [Colorado]
Diane Johnson [Iowa]
Steve LaMaster, CPRP [Massachusetts]
Veronica Nyamali, CPRP [Lagos, NIGERIA]

Jodi Smith [Idaho]

Ex-Officio Appointees
Carlos Pratt [New Jersey]
Dori Hutchinson, PsyD, CPRP [Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA)]
TBD  [PSR Canada]