41st Annual Wellness and Recovery Summit

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Request for Proposals Now Being Accepted

The Academy of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery invites you to submit a proposal to present at the 41st Annual Wellness and Recovery Summit, to be held June 15-18, 2018 in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Each year the Summit provides professional education and training of the highest standards, by leading experts in the field of psych rehab, to members of the recovery workforce; equipping them with the latest and greatest information and tools to empower those they serve to thrive professionally, educationally, and as full citizens of their communities.

Share your innovative and inspiring ideas, technology, practices, programs, research and advocacy that will educate, ignite, and promote wellness, resiliency, and recovery for children, youth, families, and adults who live with mental health conditions.

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Additional Information

Presentation Formats:

  • Poster Display: also referred to as “Abstracts,” these are displayed in the poster hall throughout the conference, and represent the latest research of both established and up-and-coming leaders in the field.  New for 2018, select Poster Display submissions will be offered the opportunity to be presented in a Poster Presentation Highlights Session that will offer CE Credit (4-5 in one session, with approximately 15-20 minutes for each to be presented)!
  • 90-minute Presentation: This is an instructor-led “Workshop.”  Approved submissions in this category will be presented in dedicated classroom-style breakout session during the Summit.  Typically lecture + PowerPoint*.
  • 20-minute Presentation: These are often referred to as “TED-like Talks.”  Approved submissions in this category will be grouped based on the content, and presented in a classroom-style breakout session during the Summit.  Typically lecture + PowerPoint* or lecture-only.
  • 5-minute "Ignite" talk: A fast-paced and pointed lecture + PowerPoint*.

*a PRA/Academy branded PowerPoint template is provided to approved submitters to put their content onto

Presentations are requested within the following focus areas:

  • Interpersonal Competencies: motivational interviewing, responding to trauma, etc.
  • Professional Role: ​provider role (ethics, etc), cultural issues, and international/global topics.
  • Community Integration: ​community integration through development of valued roles (student, parenting, worker, etc).
  • Assessment, Planning, and Outcomes: research, evaluation, value-based care, and cost-effectiveness
  • Strategies for Facilitating Recovery: ​programs and strategies for facilitating resilience and recovery across the lifespan
  • Systems Competencies: ​system issues, advocacy, and health justice in today’s healthcare environment
  • Supporting Health & Wellness: developing and supporting health and wellness across the lifespan
  • Emerging and exciting technology: to promote wellness, resiliency and recovery

​If you have any questions about applicable content, please email the Academy at info@psychrehabassociation.org.

Please note that your submission must be made on our application site.