United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association Rebrands to Grow and Train the Recovery Workforce

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United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association Rebrands to Grow and Train the Recovery Workforce

The US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA) is pleased to announce that by an overwhelming vote of the membership, the organization has changed its name to the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA). The removal of the geographic designation from their name is an element of a comprehensive strategy to enhance the association’s service framework and economic trajectory to grow and train the recovery workforce. With a crystalline vision and brand, together with an aggressive expansion in the organization’s growing suite of credentialing, training and advocacy initiatives, PRA is now positioned to become an indispensible link in the worldwide recovery and wellness movement.

Over the course of the past year, the PRA Board of Directors and staff has been focused on aligning the association with best practices in key areas of mission, brand, structure, programs, and economic growth. The collective goal has been to more effectively leverage PRA as the vehicle through which members and supporters can channel their passion for and belief in the essential role of psychiatric rehabilitation in the behavioral healthcare environment.

“Growing and training the recovery workforce resides at the core of why our organization exists,” said PRA Board Chair Lisa Razzano, PhD, CPRP.  “By focusing our attention on this objective, to be the "go to" organization which grows and trains the recovery workforce, PRA can help to shape and fuel the future of psychiatric rehabilitation throughout the world.”

As PRA’s strategy is deployed, PRA will serve as the global focal point for people and organizations involved in psychiatric rehabilitation – from practitioner to CEO, academic to government, for profit and nonprofit, with values informed by lived, learned, and multicultural experience. PRA will possess a robust suite of training and learning opportunities, multiple credentialing tracks and in-person, as well as virtual engagement opportunities for persons and organizations of differing geography, culture, education, and life experience.

“As we grow and train the recovery workforce, PRA honors its deep commitment to advancing a worldwide movement focused on consumer wellness and recovery, a central element of advancing the state and quality of mental and behavioral healthcare,” said Razzano.