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2019 Summit Announcement

In order to drive more traffic to our chapter meetings, and to focus on the strength of our certification programs, there will not be a Wellness and Recovery Summit in 2019.  We highly encourage you to check out our Chapters & Affiliates page to find out about local/regional conferences near you!

Thank You to our 41st Annual Wellness and Recovery Summit Attendees (2018)!

Evaluations (and CE Certificates) are now available at!

Never before has the future of behavioral health care been so important!  With mental health in particular in the public dialogue, and with the future and direction of healthcare changing by the moment, it is imperative that the recovery workforce is growing, well-networked, comprehensively-trained, and empowered to advance psychiatric rehabilitation principles of self-directed, self-managed care that is state-of-the-art, and universally available to those who seek it. 

The Summit is a unique and critical opportunity for the entire psychiatric rehabilitation community - from front-line staff to CEOs - to connect on a national level, and benefit from innovative programming covering a broad scope of cutting edge topics - led by pioneers in the field.

Join us in Denver this June for our 41st Annual Wellness and Recovery Summit, brought to you by the Academy of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery and PRA, in partnership with the Colorado Chapter.  Grow professionally, and leave re-energized, focused, and well-equipped to provide more effective care!

Overall Summit Learning Objectives:

After attending the 41st Annual Wellness and Recovery Summit, participants will be able to:

  1. Apply critical knowledge and strategies gained from educational programming towards training and education requirements to recertify and/or qualify to sit for professional certification as a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP) and/or Certified Child and Family Resiliency Practitioner (CFRP).
  2. Explain the impact of trauma across the lifespan, and implement a range of tools to assist individuals to heal.
  3. Identify system impacts and outcomes of implementation of psychiatric rehabilitation practice locally, nationally and globally.
  4. Develop tools and strategies to successfully employ and support peer mentors to thrive in their jobs/careers.
  5. Identify and demonstrate practice strategies to assist people who live with mental health conditions to successfully manage their health and wellness to support goal achievement.

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