Why Attend?

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Here's why you should mark your calendar and budget for the 2018 Wellness and Recovery Summit

  1. All sessions and events are designed to make your job easier. You'll pick up ideas you can apply to your own organzation by learning from recovery experts and real-life situations so that you can provide insights to your employer as soon as you return from the Summit.
  2. You'll learn the latest in recovery-based approaches that you can implement in your workplace.
  3. You'll expand your skill set.  With continuing education offered accross multiple disciplines, the Summit covers every facet of psychiatric rehabilitation.
  4. Make valuable connections: gather inspiration and ideas from industry leaders and colleagues in sessions and during networking events and develop a collaborative network you can tap long after the Summit's conclusion.
  5. Kick off your CPRP training with the CPRP Prep Course.
  6. Best Value Ever. Earn over 20 continuing education hours in just a few days!

We recently polled a group of PRA members and asked them, “What draws you to the Summit?” This is what people told us brings them to the conference year after year:

  • “For many years, the PRA Recovery Workforce Summit has been my mecca for relevant continuing education. As an AOTA Approved Provider of CE, PRA offers workshops presented by OT practitioners, other health professionals, as well as peers, on topics related to all OT domains, OT process, as well as professional issues related to metal health OT practice. And networking with other OT practitioners has always been an added bonus to my attendance at the Summit.” David M. Merlo, MS, COTA, CPRP, ROH
  • "The PRA conference is a place full of like-minded people. It’s refreshing to be in a room full of people who all “get it” (get what it means to work in this profession)."
  • "With the variety of topics offered, it’s easy to find sessions I’m really interested in and that apply to my career."
  • "I can get most my CEUs for the year in one place."
  • "The inclusion of the CPRP prep course within the Annual Conference provides me the best of both – the ability to prepare for the CPRP exam, while networking and experiencing all that the Annual Conference has to offer."
  • "I catch up with the people I know and look forward to meeting new colleagues."
  • "Idea sharing - I learn what’s going on in the profession across the country and I gather new ideas that I can apply to my program."
  • "As a service provider, the keynote sessions are my yearly pep up. The sessions remind me of the bigger goal of my work; they re-energize and remind me why I’ve chosen this profession."
  • "It’s consistent quality every year and I’m never disappointed. It’s rare to find one conference that hits all of my educational, networking, and rejuvenating needs."